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October 08, 2013


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I followed your email recommendations and posted the following letter to Mr. Boehner: Anyone who likes may use part or all of this in their own communication attempt with the Speaker.
Best Regards to Democracy Talking and anyone who may be listening.

Dear Mr. Speaker:

I join the majority of Americans in asking you to permit an up-or-down vote on the short term Senate-approved budget for operation of Government services and an up-or-down vote on the raising of the United States National Debt.

You say that the President needs to negotiate BEFORE you will permit the House of Representatives to vote on these measures. What would you say to another government or any other group of American citizens who were to use similar tactics towards the Chief Executive of the United States? What would you say if a Republican were in the White House, and a Democratic Party Speaker or Senatorial Majority Leader were to hold the operation of the U.S. government and the Financial Integrity (Debt Limit) of the United States Hostage to the "Re-Negotiation" on a duly passed law, one for which over 40 attempts at having it revoked had failed?

When I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, I learned and believed that one of the greatest distinctions between our system of government and those of our adversaries was that the Communists, Fascists and other dictatorships worked under the dictum that "The End Justifies the Means," but WE DO NOT. We play by the rules of democracy. This Hostage-Taking of the Government and of the Credit of the United States of America for political gains attempts to rewrite the rules and is anti-democratic. No amount of rhetoric and public relations will convince the American people that this kind of behavior is good, because it DESTABILIZES our government our democracy and our nation and will seriously hurt the World Economy.

The Chamber of Commerce and many business constituents of the Republican Party concur that defaulting on our National Debt would be disastrous for Business and be extremely costly to this nation. You swore to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Do you truly believe that you are serving the Oath of Office in holding the Operation of the Government and the Federal Debt hostage to your demands or would better serve the Oath by to allow the Government Shutdown and Debt Limit to come to a vote in the House of Representatives? The world is watching us and waiting and shaking their heads.

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